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Hilda Doolittle——Criticism and interpretation. Stein, Gertrude, ——Criticism and interpretation. Lesbianism in literature. Gender identity in literature.

Sex Psychology in literature. Title: Formation of twentieth century queer autobiography. A9J65 First edition: May 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 so much of life is sexual—or so they say—it rather limits autobiography if this is blacked out.

The intellectual exchange with them has enriched my work and me. I owe special thanks to Shawn Smith, for her conversation and insights. Anne Dewey discussed H.

Paul Vita provided friendship and intellectual exchange.

The encouragement and wisdom of Rita Ferrari has sustained my work and me for fifteen years, and her reading of the chapter on H.

Our continuing friendship is one of the great pleasures of my life. Elisabeth Perry and John Pauly helped with early presentation.

The intersection of representation and theory created a potential for parody and caricature—but also for alternative Looking for real sex spencer west virginia.

Mikki Nyman and Lisa Fischer were superb research assistants. I thank Walter Hickey for his gifts. A Summer Research Award funded final preparation. For all this support, I have been and remain grateful. It was my great good fortune that Kate Stimpson directed my dissertation; the advice and role model she offered continue to influence me.

Craig Howes and Miriam Fuchs have consistently believed that the project is worthwhile.

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I thank them. The Virginia Woolf Conferences, begun by Vara Neverow and Mark Hussey, have been instrumental in providing a community of invigorating scholars; I continue to enjoy our debates.

Looking for real sex spencer west virginia complex negative contextualizations show how Ellis was a product of his culture rather than a maverick pedantic insisting on a moral code—and perhaps in contrast to his culture he was progressive.

Robert Shelton has without fail been central to my work. It is my pleasure to thank my mother, Patricia Johnston, and my father, Arthur Johnston, for on-going support and interest. Patricia Johnston critiqued an early version of the manuscript all the way through. Louis Lesbian Chorus, and the lesbian potluck group have provided me with intellectual and emotional companionship.

My thanks go to Allyson and Meghan for lodging in New Haven. Toby Benis and Beth Dockery extended extraordinary kindness during a Sexo casual Watford year.

With gratitude, I thank Marianne Cave.

He recorded Looking for real sex spencer west virginia widely.

Finally, S. Paige Canfield and Kate Marriage have made, not only this critical working out, but also a living of the lesbian life worthwhile.

Introduction Queering the Text: Formation of Modernist Lesbian Autobiography This book offers a lens through which to read the formation of modernist autobiography as a critique of dominant sexual discourses.

In this book I explore autobiography as a critical tool—as a meta-tropic genre, as a genre that can critique assumptions about the formation of sexual memory, sexual consciousness, sexual roles, sexual subjectivity.

My primary aim is to follow the autobiographers themselves, limiting my study to lesbian literary autobiography in the Pretty lover spa maroubra twentieth century, as it reacts to, is complicit with, and testifies against the scientific representation of the perverse lesbian.

Hilda Doolittleand Gertrude Stein. These four writers all question the institution of patriarchy and its reification, generally, of heterosexual desire as the only normal desire and, specifically, of lesbian desire as perverse.

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In that sense, as these writers and their texts make clear, autobiography exposes dominant scientific assumptions: about memory based upon chronology, about male versus female sexual bodies, and about female development. In Formation, asking how autobiography and modernism converge, I argue that violation and change emerge from literary struggles over sexual subjectivity.

By using this trajectory, I show how the lesbian autobiographer can and cannot rewrite the perverse lesbian. The ability of these female modernists to question their dominant culture at a time when the sciences, no matter how helpful in putting into discourse different sexualities, were reifying existing patriarchal norms, comes through in their autobiographical plots and structures.

These are memoirs of difference within a cultural context that deliberately attempts to exclude them. Reading them through a lens of modernist lesbian autobiography counter to scientific presentations of the lesbian reveals new narrative formations, as transgressive response to the dominant culture.

Lesbian modernists rewrote not only the emerging scientific theories of lesbianism, memory, and repression, but also autobiography. Queering Autobiography Tracing modernist representations of lesbian sexuality exposes the controversy surrounding the figure of the Lesbian and also her culturally complicated visible and invisible figuring.

Modernist autobiographical works written by women who acknowledge erotic desire for women reassess the lesbian figure. Such autobiographies undermine the connections patriarchy makes between identity and sexuality, and they redefine both sexuality and identity.

In part because eroticism between women was not only a marginalized sexuality in the early twentieth century and was defined through attempts to deny its existence,10 modernist lesbian writers manipulated discourse in order to express lesbianism, despite its label of perversion and invisibility.

That discourse of invisibility and denial, Encuentro para el sexo bunbury which the modernist lesbian exists, with all the perversions ascribed to her by her culture, becomes charged, in her autobiographies, through simultaneous self-demonization and parading, closeting and lauding.

Perhaps this link between homosexuality and narrative form is most apparent and most invisible when a culture makes heterosexuality and homosexuality polar opposites of each other or Crystals sex shop red deer that culture denies homosexuality.

By the late twentieth Escort independiente ts Nowra, the link to narrative form proliferates. Mary E. Erin Carlston understands lesbian sexuality to lead to an alternate aesthetics 6.

The power of this approach and the power of this trajectory of a lesbian autobiographical literary tradition can be seen in the influence of early-twentieth-century lesbian writers on later writers.

Women autobiographers often not only have different goals for the genre, but also have used alternate textual techniques from men.

By working with lesbian autobiography specifically, I deliberate upon a connection between modernist lesbian possibilities for self-representation and narrative form.

Their narrative structures differ from the biographical methods of containment and interpretation used by sexology and psychology.

Differences in subjectivity, sexuality, and autobiography produce radical alternatives. Thethe lesbian autobiographies, trouble extant models of subjectivity that depend upon patriarchal heterosexuality. I use both methodologies in my critical approach. Analyzing fluctuations in textuality and sexuality as presented in these texts, realizing that the texts may posit a secure reference point only to undermine it or multiply it, I also assume a lesbian existing in the texts, because of the discourse around the lesbian at this time.

This lesbian will not be the same lesbian as the late twentieth century might define her, but I assume her presence. Because of censorship, because of the inability to represent lesbianism through narratives available in patriarchy, because of the intense interdependence and fluctuation of ideas in the early twentieth century among politics, time, memory, sexual development, gender, and sexuality, these authors radically rewrite form.

They also recognize the figure Hermosas señoras mayores quieren sexo lowell massachusetts the lesbian as a growing cliché, categorized as an essentialist figure in the scientific models.

I have needed both in order to recognize the lesbian and to explore her queerness.

It would be naïve to suppose that early-twentieth-century lesbian writers offer an enlightened lesbian subject back to sexology and psychology.

They do create a queer version of autobiography that textualizes subjectivity for the lesbian; they revise and counter medical narratives; but that space must be twisted if read according to now-reified psychological ideas of the conscious, the ego and id, or repression and memory.

Working within a patriarchy that, when it did not deny the existence of lesbian desires, labeled them as perverted, required narratives within, under, and beside accepted narratives. Thus, using a critical lens focusing on lesbian autobiography, as a coherent and developing tradition with identifiable patterns of images and narrative techniques, must uncover a rewriting and rejection of patriarchy.

Connecting narrative to models of desire relies both on seemingly essentialist paradigms, and a realization that cultural models are always in flux. Identifying parallel patterns necessarily emphasizes an essentialist identity, whereas studying both narrative and desire requires a simultaneous contextualization in cultural structures, whether those structures be patriarchy, class relations, or legal regulations.

A of critics have 8 Queer Autobiography done exciting work recognizing just this paradox. As do these critics, I mark the connections between modernist understandings of sexuality, psychology, and narrative, focusing on a culturally dominant representation of the lesbian as a perverse, erotic, often-invisible figure.

Thinking about sexual desire, not just as data necessary to gather for scientific and medical knowledge, but as something that individual narrative could represent for larger groups, makes auto biography particularly potent in its crossing of disciplines to present alternative representations of lesbian development and subject positions.

Working through the Freudian tradition, Queering the Text 9 Brooks connects sexuality and textuality to theorize textual mastery and consumption.

The theoretical work of these critics underscores that of modernist lesbians, who, reconceptualizing subjects and objects of desire, would violently disrupt narrative form in autobiography.

Origin and audience, the family romance, and the concept of individuality are all sites of constructed meaning that call out for exploration in terms of constructed sexuality, particularly within autobiography.

Even in its traditional forms, autobiography seems to set up a closet trope already.

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A body of knowledge is hidden, but, then, by the autobiographical act, revealed. I find in my study of modernist lesbian autobiography that, because these writers are outside heterosexual ideologies, their autobiographies develop into a fluctuating genre.

Both men and women experience the Oedipus complex, according to Freud, with different Looking for real sex spencer west virginia of love.

I find that the place of the closet creates a type of text that Damas buscando sexo ragland alabama able to produce separate audiences, with the heterosexual one unable to recognize the queer text.

The lesbian life writer uses the palimpsest created by the closet as narrative technique to convey meaning outside of policed experience. Toklas or Lifting Belly. The silent, pretended absent, is always already known.

Using D. That place must be heterosexual for a public self to be represented—the emergence of a public self comes from the private self rather than from an abyss of the unrepresentable, the situation for the modernist lesbian.

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The genre ps binaries that place private and inside against public and outside, as if knowledge can be made transparent and as if it is translatable. The reader is on the outside of experience, the autobiographer on the inside; the genre presupposes a knowing and authorial subject who will be able to convey experience to a reader, bringing the reader inside while making the knowledge public.

In the queer closet, with its doubled containment and revelation of knowledge and suppressed secrecy, the modernist lesbian has a relationship to knowledge very different from that of the straight autobiographer. The lesbian autobiography may proceed from a surplus of knowledge, an excess of knowledge that, then, is not revealed to a judgmental reader.

One might expect that, instead of following the 12 Queer Autobiography model of coherent, exemplary, and Oshawa girls reddit self, modernist lesbian autobiography, as seen from the reading perspective of the straight culture, may be secretive, multiple, and erotic.

Meanings of desire, memory, the individual, even textuality may, then, all shift in modernist lesbian autobiography. Interrogating Textual Systems A trajectory of modernist lesbian autobiography reflects the extraordinary paradigmatic changes in understanding sexuality and the self in the first decades of the twentieth century.

The new paradigms made a new conception of lesbianism possible. These two scientists represent the scientific changes in understanding sexuality and the self for me, even though others, such as Edward Carpenter and Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing, Carl Jung and Madeleine Klein to name perhaps the best known, also had major influence in presenting new paradigms.

In contrast, Ellis, following Krafft-Ebing, focusing on biology, used science to present homosexuality as a natural Chat de reallifecam. These dynamic and innovative theories gave the twentieth-century lesbian writer new understandings and techniques with which to construct a textual lesbian figure, even though, at the same time, these scientific theories also maintained the lesbian in an untenable and oppressed position.

The lesbian was, still, for Ellis, perverse, still acted, for Freud, as a remainder of arrested development, a mark of the psychologically ill. In reaction, lesbian writers Vita Sackville-West, Virginia Woolf, Hilda Doolittle,17 and Gertrude Stein, textualizing their own experiences, both reinscribed and repudiated these contemporaneous scientific representations.

Though all of these writers, including Ellis — and Freud —spanned the fin de siècle, these lesbian writers were the next generation. Vita Sackville-West, born indied in Stein, born indied in Woolf lived from to And Doolittle was born indying in In contrast to medical codification of sexuality—classified and, then, placed into developmental systems—these lesbian writers presented the lesbian autobiographically.

Their representations of their development, sensibility, and eroticism present a different type of narrative to those of the case studies of sexology and psychology, in part because the autobiographical stories excise the figure of the dominating heterosexual theorist. The autobiographical work re-measures and resists the scientific representations.

Krafft-Ebing relied upon short case studies to support his observations of sexual anomalies and Looking for real sex spencer west virginia classify into types.

Recognizing their work in the context of Ellis and Freud reconfigures a history of science and autobiography to include the lesbian from her own point of view, revealing transformative possibilities for both the lesbian subject and the genre autobiography.

Sackville-West, whose novels were popular, won the Hawthornden Prize in for her long poem The Land.

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The Garden won the Heinemann Prize in Woolf is central to the literary canon. Though she is best known for her novels, such as Mrs. Doolittle, anthologized widely with her short imagist poetry, has now been recognized for her fiction and narrative poetry.

For all these writers, critical work still needs to be done to evaluate the impact of lesbianism on their writing. Here I concentrate on their autobiographical writing, showing that their understandings of female 14 Queer Autobiography sexuality and psychology were as compelling as those postulated in the contemporaneous dominant discourses of sexology and psychoanalysis.

I use an array of autobiographies, following the lead of critics of the last two decades who acknowledge diaries, letters, fictionalizations, fantasies, essays, and poetry as part of the autobiographical canon.

That these autobiographies may not be recognizable as autobiographies has more to do with their transgressions against the generic expectations than with the varieties in autobiographical form that they use. The yearas Blanche Wiesen Cook and Bonnie Kime Scott have established, marked a culminating point for female modernists in a process Hay que trabajar experiencing official censorship in publishing.

In other words, the possibility of a lesbian relationship was judged obscene.

To explain the Lesbian, they Looking for real sex spencer west virginia a biological base—by referring to physiognomy, to eugenics and heredity, and to instinct.

The discourse of obscenity parallels a discourse of censorship for modernists, emphasizing the to books and writers rather than the language or concepts of the obscenity laws leading to censorship. The legal issues and censorship created a need for disguise. Queering the Text 15 With those discourses of obscenity and censorship must come recognition of a discourse of autobiography that parallels censorship.

In this parallel discourse, for example, Woolf in particular makes censorship a specifically gendered trope for doubled text and doubled 60462 chicas que quieren sexo. The cultural censorship creates self-censorship.

That I understand. What puzzles me is how this reticence co-habits with your ability to talk openly magnificently, freely about—say H.

Do you promise me that behind that red curtain over there the figure of Sir Chartres Biron is not concealed?

We are all women, you assure me?

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Do Lancy locanto servicios personales blush.

Let us admit in the privacy of our own society that these things sometimes happen. She campily undermines brutal patriarchal and heterosexual sexual requirements.

She quickened her pace; she ran. These autobiographies rewrite that scenario, granting lesbian autobiography its own story. Showalter reveals how important is the title of the essay, since, when Allan bought a suit for libel in response, her recognition of the word clitoris contributed to her losing the case.

Using Woolf as example shows the parallel discourse— campy, laughing, disguised—which can emerge for the lesbian modernist as a way to write censored material. If lesbianism can only be expressed privately, as it seemed to be for Woolf, if it cannot be publicly acknowledged, if the writer must be aware of and incorporate censorship, then the autobiographical project changes from the one that Lejeune imagines, one of contractual transparency, to one of multiple identities in multiple and parallel cultural systems.

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These writers used their discourse of censorship so as not to excise their sexual experiences. For these autobiographers, censorship Backpage fremantle transsexual the concomitant alternative means of conveying lesbianism in the autobiographies disrupt established and expected textual systems—to produce new ones.

That disruption caused by censorship, alone, reveals the importance of studying these autobiographies, and my study provides a lens through which to see the textual transformations that recur.

The transformations produce patterns when these texts are looked at as a group. Through the formal properties, these autobiographies question assumptions about memory, truth, and consciousness.

They show that rewriting sexuality requires changes in theories of memory, individuality, and language construction. They expose how much of narrative representation bases itself upon assumed truths about sexuality.

These autobiographies seem mangled if regarded through traditionally conventional literary lenses.

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Traditional autobiography stresses the expected Escort port charlotte forum, with a cause and effect time line, a direct and transparent presentation of the autobiographical self, and a final unified version of the self.

Even theories that complicate the readings of that traditional corpus28 do not fully explain the dissolution of, invisibility of, and revelation of the lesbian figure in these modernist autobiographies. Furthermore, complicating analysis of these texts, these lesbian modernists are often indirect in their resistance to conventions of either the autobiographical genre or contemporaneous theories of the lesbian.

Instead of following the model of coherent, exemplary, and knowledgeable self, modernist lesbian autobiography represents a secretive, multiple, invisible, conflicted, and Looking for real sex spencer west virginia self.

In order to present alternative theories of lesbian development, they conceal and displace the lesbian, and they control censorship and audience by containing them in their texts.

They multiply their selfrepresentations so that readers unable to accept the lesbian will not recognize her. They produce an excess of represented self, calling into question conventional understandings of truth.

De Lauretis understands the lesbian as an eccentric subject who undermines knowledge systems by exceeding heterosexual knowledge.

If a lesbian presents her own experience, which cannot exist in the normative system, then her experience will either expand or change that system.

En el libro antagonista, El Soplon, de Norah McClintock un Looking for real sex spencer west virginia llamado Josh lucha por controlar su ira cuando se trata de varios temas relacionados con su grupo de manejo de la ira y su familia.

Or the system, such as, even, literary criticism, will still not be able to read her experience as lesbian, will disregard it, or will devalue it. At times, they manipulate audience and they frame texts in order to control their textualizations of unrepresentable lesbian sexuality.

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